Professional Food Photography: A Feast For The Eyes – And Your Restaurant


PROFESSIONAL FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY: A Feast for the Eyes – and Your Restaurant

Any restaurateur would have to agree – the restaurant industry is an ever-evolving, unpredictable adventure.

Owners are constantly chasing the trending demands of their customers; adjusting menus, ingredients, and ambiance to match. Or at least the smart ones are.

One constant factor – unchanged throughout the decades – is that food is at the center of everything.

It has to be.

Isn’t a passion for food what brought us together in the first place? Owners whose dream was to share their delicious food with the world, and the foodies whose night will depend on it?

The real question to ask is this: What makes those customers actually walk through the door and make your restaurant a success?

There are many factors that come into play (of course!) when it comes to answering this age old question. But the root of any business (particularly ones in foodservice industries) begins with the image you portray to your customer.

And you’d better believe – this can make or break your business.

Let’s discuss the vital importance of how the overall branding of your restaurant actually begins with how you market your dishes to consumers, and why you should always leave it to the professionals.

Before They Taste It, They’re Going to See It

Courtesy Joanna Katchutas, MPP photographer and food stylist

Of course your food has to taste DELICIOUS. That’s a no-brainer.

But eating starts much earlier than the first bite – every sense is engaged in the eating process, and photography ensures the process begins early on with sight.

Well before your customer gets to smell your featured herb roasted chicken from their seat, or hear the sizzle from the grill, or experience the taste and texture of your creamy fettuccine alfredo, they get to see your food through your print or digital ads – and can only imagine the rest.

Even if they end up ordering something else when they finally get to the restaurant, the initial visual impression will have made a positive psychological impact on what they think of it.

It has been scientifically proven that if you initially perceive something to be delicious, you are more likely to think it tastes that way

So it’s simple, really – the picture of your dish should make them so hungry they simply HAVE to eat it.

The Professional Touch

Courtesy Joanna Katchutas, MPP photographer and food stylist

The bottom line is the combination of a skilled food stylist and a professional food photographer just can’t be replicated, even by enthusiastic amateurs.

The smartphone pandemic has put a decent camera into the hands of millions. But despite the majority opinion, it has NOT instantly made them capable of shooting professional quality pictures. Trust us.

Beautiful food photography is undoubtedly an art form. And it really does take years of experience and skill perfecting to truly understand how to maximize your customer’s appetite appeal through drool-inducing photographs.

Professionals know exactly how to consider the food, lighting, colours, angles, props…you get the idea.

In reality, most foodservice businesses actually pay a higher price in the end when they choose to use low quality photographs.

Let us explain:

By doing so you may miss the mark, failing to give the right impression to your desired target market, cheapening the brand or turning the appetites of potential customers.

Hiring a professional ensures that the quality of photography matches the image you are projecting out in the world.

It gives people a better idea of the kind of dishes they can expect to enjoy at your restaurant when they walk through your doors.

With the final results achieved by an experienced, professional photographer (and a little bit of creative direction), your food photography really does have the ability to improve your brand and your bottom line in big, big ways.

It’s ALWAYS a Good Investment

Courtesy Getty Images

It’s simple. The goal of any restaurant owner is to keep a steady flow of customers coming through their doors, right?

The tricky part is making sure it keeps happening.

The long-term benefits of investing in professional photographs of your food will FAR exceed the initial cost.

And you can almost guarantee that restaurants who have invested in professional photography have never regretted the decision.

In fact, even a small portfolio of photos can be the best marketing tool you ever invest in. Menus, advertisements, social media posts – it can really be the gift that keeps on giving.

A good combination of branded food shots paired with clever, hunger-inducing captions will always be a winning element when included in your marketing mix.

That’s really what will get them coming through the doors. That’s what will get them ordering dishes off your menu.

And most importantly, that’s what will get them spending money.

Let’s face it – many people may hear of your restaurant for the first time when they come across your website.

If the food looks delish, it’s only natural that more people are going to want to come and find out for themselves.

And let’s be honest – that’s really what it’s all about.

For more information on professional food photography and the positive benefits to your brand image visit:

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