Strategy & Consulting
Marketing Plan & Strategy Consulting

A well-organized marketing plan is the key to achieving consistent progress in your business. We specialize in helping you to expand your marketing goals while developing strategies and tactics to carry them out.

By combining traditional marketing methods with digital media, MPP creates marketing systems that are customized to your unique business. Our multifaceted campaigns will ensure better returns on your marketing dollar while maintaining the integrity and individuality of your company.

Whether you are starting up a new business, rebranding your image, or are simply looking for a new marketing campaign, MPP can help you choose which tools will suit your goals specifically to achieve your maximum business potential.

The first step in developing a marketing strategy is a consultation with our strategy team. During this meeting you'll meet our leadership team as we learn about your business, what you've been doing that has worked and (more importantly) what hasn't. We'll ask the tough questions that allow us to dig deep into your objectives and goals.
After the consultation, our team will meet internally to discuss your business' challenges and opportunities as well as to brainstorm marketing strategies. We may ask you for more information at this stage, such as access to data or social media accounts to allow us to get a better understanding of how you're currently performing.
Our next step is to develop a marketing proposal that outlines our strategy to achieve your goals. The proposal describes, in general, the approach, media, services, and fee structure to execute the strategy to get you the best ROI on your marketing investment.
Review & Approval
After you've had time to review our strategy, we'll meet again to go through our proposal in detail and to answer any questions that you may have. Once we've addressed any questions or concerns, we'll get your approval to proceed to the next stage.
Plan Development
Once we're good to go, we'll get to work preparing the formal marketing strategy. This is the phase where we create your marketing calendar, timelines and work-back schedules, creative direction, campaigns and all of the other material that go into a successful marketing plan.
After one more final review of the marketing strategy, we'll put our team in motion to execute on the plans and campaigns that we've developed. The full resources of MPP's design, digital and production departments will be working for your brand to achieve your marketing goals - it's like (marketing) magic!
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