Professional Photography Studio

At MPP we recognize the importance of what professional photography can do for your business. That’s why in our new, state-of-the-art in-house photo studio under the direction of award-winning photographer, Joanna Katchutas, our team is ready to do various types of customized photoshoots, telling your story.

Times have changed. Investing in having awe-inspiring, professional photos has become a necessity for social media, menu design, and digital. While often overlooked, professional photography is now a key component in tempting consumers to choose your product or services over your competitors.

We’re experts in creating specialized professional photographs for use in all of your web, print, and digital materials. We offer both in-studio or on-location product, food, and lifestyle photography services throughout North America.

360 Photography
Never a better time to transform your business’ online retail experience. Your customers will be able to get a clear-cut vision of your products at every angle, which makes the buying process easier. We provide top-notch images with sharp resolution and a large breadth of photo display options that you can choose from!

Print Photography
Print marketing is making a comeback, with glossy catalogs and full-page photography taking the lead. Bringing your products to life with high-impact images motivates and stimulates consumer interest.
Social media Photography
Less is more with Social Media. As platform algorithms require minimal text, photography takes the lead in telling your brand story. We support by creating the right impression through professional imagery to ensure your audience is captivated by your unique message.
Styled Food Photography
Generating appetite appeal through styled professional food photography is an incredibly important part of food marketing. A session in the studio with our in-house stylist and photographer will have your food looking its best with a look that makes your brand stand out.
Catalog/Ecommerce Photography
Photography for online ordering systems or websites doesn’t require as much styling as hero shoots but still requires to look good enough to grab your audience’s attention and set you apart. Bulk product shooting can be completed quickly and efficiently in our in-house studio with full capacity.
Lifestyle Photography
Perfect for social media, we know how to craft images to get the attention of the Instagram generation! Our team will work with you to arrange a shoot to generate a library of lifestyle images to communicate your brand in a shareable and on-brand way.
The importance of product representation to your customers cannot be overemphasized. With the inability to touch or examine your products online, our vivid photography gifs is a more creative way to showcase and boost audience confidence in their purchase of your product, all within a moving frame.
Photography Portfolio

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