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About MPP

MPP has over 20 years of full service marketing experience. Our team has decades of combined creative, marketing and account management experiences working with single stores, startups, and well-established global brands across a variety of industries. We are a one-stop shop solution for communications, digital and traditional media management, that also includes professional in-house studio and on-location food and lifestyle photography services by an award winning photographer; amongst others. We have deep insights into the North American market, and are continuously learning across various other markets. We care passionately about sustainability, hence our proprietary Paper-to-Trees program that allows us to plant trees more than we print. We are passionate about growth, sustainability, and winning for our clients, always going above and beyond for our clients and partners.

MPP has been operating since 2001.

We are a Google Certified Partner for Search, Display & Shopping Advertising. We have a dedicated account manager at Facebook/Instagram and are an Agency Partner.

At MPP we offer both strategy development as well as campaign fulfillment support and are most flexible to the needs of our clients.

Our primary business model is not pay-per-action. Our services are typically comprehensive in nature and involves more than just lead/clicks/purchase generation.

MPP’s office is open from 9am to 5pm EST. However, this has not prevented us from engaging with clients outside our time zone.

Other Options:

Drop us an email at info@mppmarketinggroup.com

Give us a call at (866) 889-8745.

You can also send us a direct message via any of our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn) and we will be glad to find a solution to your marketing needs.

“Because we set you apart from your competitors and ensure that your business is well positioned for growth”. We go above and beyond to make your business THE business and are committed to making sure that you matter to your audience. Your passion is indeed our passion.

Our Account Managers are ever ready to speak with you regarding providing custom solutions that address all your business needs.

MPP is and will always be on the lookout for great talents. Drop us an email at info@mppmarketinggroup.com and tell us what makes you special.

Digital Marketing

Yes, we certainly do. What makes us different, is that we design & develop sites for our customers based on their specific needs. Providing best in class custom solutions that yield results and not off the shelf templates. We work with clients with limited budgets all the way up to massive and complex web applications.

The social media landscape is continuously changing and evolving, but for most clients the best course of action is to spend their marketing investment where the greatest number of potential/existing customers are. Most often these are Facebook & Instagram. However, we use other platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat & TikTok to further extend the reach of the campaign as budget allows.

We provide a range of digital marketing services that includes:

  • Web Development (website, ecommerce, custom applications)
  • Social Media Advertising (paid)
  • Managed Social Media (organic)
  • Reputation Management
  • Influencer Campaigns
  • Paid Click (Search, Display, Programmatic, Video, Shopping)
  • Email Marketing
  • Text/SMS Marketing

MPP uses a variety of industry standard tools for reporting purposes with digital campaigns. As the needs of each campaign may vary, we utilize the best tools available to generate meaningful insight.


Yes, we offer a wide range of customized training courses that are available for franchise groups

Absolutely, yes we offer video production for our clients

We generally have a “don’t say no” approach to working with clients. If we get a request for something that we don’t necessarily do, we will look into providing that service. If we feel we can provide this to the client at high level of quality and for a competitive price, we will attempt to do so

Yes, we offer free high level consultation discussions with our account specialist/manager. More in-depth consulting work can be arranged on a work for hire basis.

Absolutely. At MPP we do just about anything related to marketing and advertising. We build website content based on the specific goals and objectives of the brand. We develop website content that resonates with the target audience of the brand.

MPP offers an integrated range of services that includes but not limited to, content creation and asset management. We offer a wide range of channels for our clients, from visual storytelling, to ad copy, ghost blogging and much more. We deliver in-house copywriting, graphic design and photography services that best support your campaign. At MPP, we bring your message to life!

Absolutely, we have expert experience providing services for various brands across multiple industries. In addition, and when required, we provide an in-depth study and analysis of the market and competitive landscape. We also develop a SWOT analysis and a customer persona that is used to further develop our marketing strategy.

We partner with various industry leaders to deliver functional and successful PR campaigns. From influencer marketing to multiple media releases, we connect your business to the right audience by leveraging targeted engagements with our trusted media partners”


We offer a wide range of mind-blowing photography services that includes Creative in-house, state of the art studio services, E-commerce/Catalogue, Lifestyle, Print, Styled food photography, Social Media, 360 photography and Photography GIFs. All directed and managed by our inhouse award winning photographer.

Yes, food styling services are available at an additional fee.

Yes, photography can also be offered as a standalone service. Our state-of-the-art photo studio is run by a multi-awarded photographer and we are able to provide remote-photography services as well.

Simply put, there really is more to food photography than just “photography”. A food stylist works closely with clients and photographers, to prepare creative food for photographs. Using styling techniques to make the food shots look appealing for the duration of the shoot. Pairing a photographer with a food stylist can help you stay competitive and give your food photography the professional edge to have your audience coming back for more.

Agency Partnerships

Absolutely, we work with media and creative agencies for a variety of reasons. Some agencies collaborate with us in executing social media and digital advertising campaigns for their clients. Some agencies employ our services to design and print marketing collaterals, produce award-winning photos, develop and maintain client websites, microsites and landing pages, build mobile applications, and others.

Absolutely, MPP works both on a per project basis and on a full time basis. It all depends on the needs of our customers and/or partners.


Reports depend on the type of campaign or program we run with our clients. For digital campaigns, we can report on all the traditional important metrics: Impressions, Reach, Clicks, Engagement, CPM, CPC, etc.. Where possible, we can take this a step further by integrating into the client’s online ordering system to capture sales data which allows us to to generate reports that are the “holy grail” of marketing – direct impact on sales, incremental sales increase, Return on Investment/Return on Ad Spend which a high degree of certainty.

Client onboarding process depends on the project scope. Some projects (standalone/a la carte services such as websites or flyers) would simply require us to learn about the brand, goals and objectives, collect any assets (photos, videos) and allow us to go from there. More sophisticated projects, such as a full marketing strategy will require us to dive deeper into customer’s goals, competitor research, technology implementation, etc to develop an effective approach.

Absolutely, everything we do is customizable as relates to our clients’ needs.

Again, depends on what services are being offered and the nature of the relationship with the customer. Taking on a new customer for a digital campaign, I would say that the minimum ad budget would be $1000/month.

We have flexible timelines based on project scope of work however, for a rough insight;

  • Print estimates – ~10 business days from approval
  • Artwork/design – 1st proof within 5 business days (flyer typically… smaller jobs can be sooner.. Larger projects can take longer)
  • Web development – Anywhere from 6-8 weeks for a smaller project to 6mo+ for larger/complex projects
  • Social media ramp up – 2 weeks

The moment a client comes to us with a marketing challenge, we provide a custom marketing solution based on their goals, timing and budget. Depending on the scope of work, we should be able to provide a proposal between 1-3 days, for simple proposals and 3-5 days for more complex proposals.


We provide services across the globe.

Yes, we work with clients globally and as required.

MPP Marketing Group is Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. With a USA office in Gilbert, Arizona.

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