Native Seed
MArketing Case StUdy
Native Seed

All we knew was the name: “Native Seed”. Our creative team started from scratch to develop a look and feel for the brand that was useful and at the same time reflected their desired goal.

Taking into account the client’s need; MPP planned and successfully executed a full branding campaign that included a logo design, packaging design, website creation, marketing collateral, and content creation. We turned their name into an innovative brand identity.

They wanted to sell cannabis seeds, but with a unique add-on. Hence, we created a series of sixty cards which were introduced as collectibles that came with each pack of seeds. We worked with a photographer to take creative photos of every strain to produce a one-of-a-kind visual. The popularity that followed evolved these cards into a separate retail product for the business and completely enhanced their brand.

Following this, and as a result of our successful execution, Native seed reached out to us to support their new product development. They came to us with an idea and we helped them design and publish an adult storybook. We coordinated all thirty original illustrations including the layout, to further increase the unique feel that already represented this brand.

Collector cards were designed to enable the company’s marketing efforts.

Branded packaging designed by MPP, for quality customer service delivery.

Creative promotional storybooks designed by our team, to further enhance companies marketing efforts and for a more personalized experience.