Crack House
MArketing Case StUdy
Crack House
Jerky Company

Crack House Jerky Company approached us as a new start-up looking for complete branding development. After explaining the history of the name to us and the edgy brand feel they were going for,  MPP’s in-house graphic design team developed the unique appearance of brand.

With that in mind, MPP started its branding strategy development from scratch. With an edgy feel as the goal, we completed a full branding campaign which included logo, and packaging designs, website creation, marketing collateral, and copywriting. MPP turned its vision into a creative and unique brand identity.

To further establish their brand, we developed for Crack House an affiliate program on their website, as the jerky wasn’t sold in stores which meant you had to order it online or visit a local representative in your area. This program allowed the vendors to get points for the quantity of jerky sold and receive rewards which improved sales.

We designed custom branded products such as promo sales kits to better advertise their business and increase sales.

We also design customized packaging for an enhanced customer experience and service delivery.

MPP transformed a big vision into an elegant web design that allowed their business to stand out creatively while causing an indelible first impression for its visitors.