Uncle Maddio’s Pizza
Store Revitalization MArketing
Uncle Maddio’s Pizza
Store Revitalization Marketing

The Problem
Uncle Maddio’s Pizza came to us in search of a marketing plan to boost sales by 40% for an underperforming location. The campaign needed to reach an abundance of new customers, existing customers, and utilize the corporate offers with no additional discounting.

The Solution
MPP developed a 14-week campaign designed with four media elements: targeted digital advertising, direct mail, print flyers, and in-store POP. This integrated program ensured a wide reach to their target market via weekly consistent brand messaging for the store. We amplified the campaign with direct mail and flyer inserts every week, all of which generated immediate results.

The Results
The store’s sales increased an average of 43% per week. As a result of our successful execution, we were asked by the client to extend the program by 14weeks, to enable continued sales growth, and increase brand visibility.

Eye-catching, custom branded marketing collaterals all designed by MPP; that includes print flyers, posters, and coupon cards.

Email content designed and executed by our team of experts.