Messer Canada
MArketing Case StUdy
Messer Canada

Messer needed a marketing partner to support its transition efforts from Linde following their change of ownership. We managed the complete rebranding of the business by updating all materials required for the nationwide rebrand.

MPP’s digital team developed an all-new corporate website, including a dealer locator, online catalog, and several interactive tools. In addition, a 360-degree photograph of their most popular equipment was taken by our award-winning photographer, Joanna Katchutas, to create a more immersive and interactive website experience.

We then began planning the transition to set the tone of the new brand by coordinating the production and local installation of all Messer office signages coast-to-coast, including onsite at remote access locations such as mines.

We developed a comprehensive solution to rebrand existing equipment and infrastructure items such as gas tanks, power equipment, and machines to ensure minimal waste of quality products. In addition, we developed a portal that would be used for the distribution of branded materials that includes business cards, brochures, posters, branded collateral, and more to enable ease of use for the company.

MPP continues to be Messer’s go-to partner for corporate communications, media, digital development, and more. This challenge strengthened our relationship and truly showed that with the right strategies in place, your business can accomplish its goals.

A change in ownership marked the start of Linde’s transition to Messer. MPP was asked to facilitate the brand transition in both digital and physical media.

The all-new website was designed by MPP and includes innovative features such as interactive tools which allow you to locate a dealer, access an online catalog, and more.

A fascinating 360-degree image of their most popular equipment captured by MPPs in-house photographer. To make an impression and to capture the audience’s attention.

All Messer office signages coast-to-coast were updated with the new branding and our team travelled to remote locations to ensure a complete transition.

Not only did the signs need to be adjusted, but the existing equipment had to be changed as well. Our team came up with innovative solutions to ensure nothing went to waste.

Company executives are now able to access an on-demand portal with easy navigation to purchase branded materials such as business cards, brochures, posters, branded collateral, and more.