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Vibrant, delicious and appealing images and graphics are absolutely essential to marketing food. For over 15 years, MPP has demanded from our production partners only the highest-quality printed materials that meet our strict standards to ensure that your products look their absolute best.

It has always been a challenge to ensure that food imagery comes off the press looking ready-to-eat. Commercial offset printers frequently use miscalibrated tools and equipment to measure their accuracy to our designs which results in a final output that looks unappealing. That’s why we are extremely excited to be part of the development of a modern and scientifically-proven new method of ensuring accurate color reproduction: ColorSuite.

ColorSuite allows us to significantly reduce the amount of time we spend on press by applying a color-matching AI that ensures that the final output matches our contract proof exactly. This reduction in “make-ready” time on press results in a faster turnaround, less material wastage, and a better looking final product. The efficiency¬†gained translates into cheaper print which helps our customer’s bottom line.

ColorSuite Applied

ColorSuite AI applied to an image

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