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Our 2012 “La Vita Colorata” wall calendar is your most important marketing tool of the year! Look for our 2012 calendar which will be available October 4, 2011. Your name, logo and info are always visible on the 2” protruding lip and your menu is always handy on the back panel. Your customers will love your gift and remember YOU all year long...

Size Description Quantities Total
Inside body is
8.5" x 11"
Entire Calendar folds
to 10.5" x 11" with a 2"
protruding lip for your logo
and restaurant info
500 Call for quote
750 Call for quote
1,000 Call for quote
1,500 Call for quote
2,500 Call for quote
5,000 + Call for quote

Your Calendar Customization Program:


1. The Back Panel - The inside back panel is reserved for your customization. Your menu and specials will appear here. This space is also perfect for a product intro. Get creative… (See ill. A)

To all our valuable clients: May we suggest that you add the disclaimer “Prices may change without notice”.   This will protect your profits from the instability of any food industry providers and other unforeseen cost increases.



2. The Coupon/Specials Section - There is a specific section for specials, you have a choice for them to be laid as 6 specials (see ill. B) or 12 specials (see ill. C). If you don't want to put specials you can use that space to add additional menu items (see ill. D). Of course you may also choose to feature just one item, this space is yours to customize! The options are endless.



3. Restaurant Information - There is a 2" protruding lip that remains visible throughout the year. The cost includes adding a Black outline of your logo, plus any other helpful information - Tag Line, Phone number, Address, website, etc. (see ill. E)
If you wish a full color logo to be displayed, an additional charge of $350 will be charged.


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